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2 PANELS SLIDING DOOR ( 152.4cm x 254cm )

2 PANELS SLIDING DOOR ( 152.4cm x 254cm )


2 panels sliding door curtain

  • Width: 60inch, 152.4cm
  • Height: 100” inch, 254cm
  • Jenama : LangsirDD
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Jenis Fabrik: Berjenama
  • Berat: Min 230 gram
  • Bidang fabrik: 320 cm
  • Blackout/ Sun out: 90%
  • Jenis jahitan: Eyelet, Grommet and French Pleat
  • Impot: Cina
  • Penghantaran : 10-16 hari bekerja (tanpa PKP)
  • 90% BLACKOUT : True 90% blackout curtains in the market. Sewn in the latest nano-material
    which makes the drapes thick enough to completely keep out at least 90% SUNLIGHT and UV
    RAY with High Shading Blackout Curtains / Modern Thermal Insulating Solid Finished Curtain.
    Insulates against heat and saves energy
  • NOISE REDUCING : Heavyweight Blackout Lined Curtain Panels can be a good sense of drape,
    making the window completely closed, to achieve 75% SOUND RESISTANCE.
  • EASY CARE : Good quality finishing will withstand years of use. Machine washable but
    preferably dry cleaning . Mild detergent and no bleaching. Low-temperature ironing or steaming.
  • WEIGHTAGE : A minimum weight of 230 grams that makes the drop even nicer and elegant. The fabric is soft and very durable
  • WIDTH : With a minimum width of 320 cm, your curtains will come in one SINGLE piece for each
    side, without any joining unlike some curtains width which is only 150cm.
  • DESIGN – sewn in either Grommet (Eyelet) or French Pleat
  • COLOR – Color brightness and True Color may vary slightly from the actual fabric color

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